Happy Values

To do the meaningful business, we adhere to our 5 principles to ensure honest, transparency, care and respect to everyone in the circle, whilst making creativity, fun and passion as part of our daily lives.

100% vegetarian & cruelty free

We hold on tight to cruelty-free ethic so our raw materials are 100% vegetarian and definitely contain no ingredients from animals. The entire product development including RD, production and ingredient sourcing are completely free from cruelty.

Preserving Plant Wisdom

Our raw materials are parts of Thai herbal wisdom that have been used for a long period of time in indigenous medication practices that we are sure of their proven functional benefits for body and mind. By supporting the ingredients of wisdom, we are also preserving herbal wisdom from being extinct as well.

Mindful Sourcing

We believe in true nature of raw ingredients, grown with respect to nature by the dedicating hands of organic Thai farmers, who commit sustainable agriculture methods that care for the well-being of natural resources, animal,
human community and public welfare.

Respect Fairness

We realize that ‘respect’ and ‘fairness’ are the greatest keys to success. Thus, we always pass these two ethics :

  • To the farmers, who are country’s backbones. We demonstrate our respect and fairness by allowing them to set their own selling price so as to value their high-quality ingredients and their farming work.
  • To our stakeholders, who work together with us to drive Sabai-arom forward. We always perform our reciprocal commercial activities with the stakeholders with kindness and understanding, which keeps us on the successful path over a decade.
  • To our customers, who look out for trustworthy brand, we ensure them the very fine selection of raw materials that turn into a variety of high- quality products, produced in a small batch with care and good intention. We prove our transparency by declaring everything our customers need to know on the label so as to make sure that they get the best from nature that’s worth every of their decision

Delivering Happiness

We create Sabai-arom to be everyone’s journey of happiness through local sourcing and happy production. Our nature-inspired scents are blended by heart to make users feel good on daily basis like bringing the whole of nature at hand. The journey of happiness from local farming communities to the users, who admire natural beauty, has made the beautiful chain of happiness possible and this chain will be stretched from hand to hand of anyone who’s willing to take and give away the ‘happiness’.