Back pain, shoulder pain and the waist pain are primary symptoms of the Office Syndrome that many officer workers who stuck on their desks know well.  For me, although I do not work in the office but sometimes when I have to sit in the car after a long traffic jam, I also get those symptoms as well.  At first, when you feel the ache, changing postures or doing some stretching exercises might help, but if you leave it for too long, the symptom may get more severe and effect the nervous system, causing numbness in the arms or the finger tips, or even more painful that causing lack of sleep. In order to prevent the office syndrome, the easy yoga posts below can be done both on the yoga mat or at simply your office desk



This pose the movement of the spine, to relax the tension on your back, waist and upper neck

  • Sit crossed legs, make sure that the weight are balanced on both side, both hands are placed on the knees.
  • Breath in- press the palms on the knees, arch your back and lift your head up looking to the ceiling.
  • Breath out- put the chin closed to the chest, suck the tummy in and roll your tailbone down.
  • Repeat 5-8 times, and make sure the movement is in tune with breathing in and out.



A pose to stretch shoulders and upper chest.

  • Sit in the position that the weight are equally distribute on left and right
  • Breath in- lift the right arm up closed to the ear, bend the right elbow back and hold the palm towards the shoulder blade, move the left arm to reach the right hand at the back. If not possible, use the towel to help.
  • Stay in the position for 8-10 breath and change side.



Helps stimulate the function of internal organs and the circulatory system.

  • Sit in the position that the weight are equally distribute on left and right
  • Breath in- lift both hands up by the ears.
  • Breath out- twist the body to the right, try to position the left spine towards the right leg. Lowering the left hand to touch the right knee, right hand placed behind the hips. Try to keep the back straight.
  • Hold for 5 breath and then switch to the left


In addition to yoga postures that will relieve the body fatigue, creating an atmosphere for the practice with aroma also essential in creating a balance of the mind to feel calm and cool.  Try spraying SabaiArom Urban Wellness CALM Aroma Mist in the room or on the yoga mat.  With the key ingredient of 100% Essential Oils, free from nasty or irritating ingredients, you can be sure that it won’t destroy the yoga mat surface, or cause allergic reactions.  Moreover, try SabaiArom Urban Wellness CALM Spot Roller, consists with 100% Essential oil in a compact roller bottle – roll the oil on your temple or on your pulse points during the office break or after yoga practice.  I like to use it on my neck because it gives a cool feeling behind the neck and with a relaxing aromatherapy, it helps reset your body and mind for the next day!