Don’t miss out simple yoga poses for a flat stomach. It’s very easy to practice even for beginners. Yoga is for everyone, whether you are male or female, skinny or not, suffer from injury or perfectly healthy, everyone can do yoga.

I’ve been doing yoga for 5 years. Since I have sweet tooth and love to eat all day, one day I was thinking that I should get rid of some fat so I tried hot yoga. I found that my heartbeat was so fast and I sweat A LOT. So I started to realize that yoga is not as slow or as boring as I thought.  I felt really good after I finished the session. As time went by, I started to realized that Yoga is not just the exercise to maintain your figure but it’s about spiritual practice and health therapy, I’m more focused, my sense is quicker and most importantly, I hardly get sick.

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Today I have 3 easy yoga poses to help maintain the figure for you ladies to try especially anyone who wishes to have a flat stomach.

  1. Twisting: this is a set of postures that stimulate the blood circulation, internal organs related to digestion, on top of that it helps reduce back pain and stress level for those who suffer from office syndrome.

Seated twist

(1) Start from putting your right leg up, straighten your left leg to the front, and right hand behind your hip.
(2) Inhale- lift your left arm up next to your ear and straighten your body up
(3) Exhale – move your left arm to the outside of your right thigh, twist your body more. Inhale- release your body to the center then switch.

yoga poses

  1. Core Strengthening: this is the posture to strengthen the core, backbone, and abdomen


(1) Sit with both knees up, keep your knees together and squeeze the inner thighs together and straighten your back. (2) Put both arms forward and turn the palm of your hands to face each other
(3) Bend your body backward, when you feel that your soles are lighter, lift up your shin to parallel with the floor or straighten up the legs to make V shape. You can feel that the abdomen muscle is working. Hold still for 5 breaths.

Repeat 2 sets.

yoga for beginners

  1. Back bending: The back bend sets will increase your metabolism which makes your heart rate higher and there will be lots of sweat.

Bridge Pose

(1) Lay flat on your back and putting our legs up, split your sole of the feet to be aligned with your hip, keep your arms beside your body
(2) Inhale-press your soles to the ground, lift your hip up and try to lift your chest to your chin, try to keep your chin down
(3) Move our shoulders up to put your hands together under your but, hold for 5-8 breaths. Exhale- release your hands and put your hips down.

yoga poses

After doing a few of yoga poses, your skin might lose the moisture, my advice is to drink a lot of water after the session in order to regain the moisture to your skin and mix Rose De Siam massage oil with sugar in the proportion of 1:4 to make a shower scrub to remove any impurity on your body.

For the ladies out there who love sunbathing, you can put Rose De Siam Massage Oil on your whole body before getting out in the sun.  Massage gently in order for the oil to absorb into your skin and stimulate the blood circulation. One of the benefits of coconut oil which is the main ingredient is diffusion, which makes your skin to have a beautiful equal tan as well as keeps skin hydrated and fresh.

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