Have you ever had an experience when you wake up and you don’t feel like getting up from bed?

morning routine

When you start moving, you would feel like all your joints are not working correctly. Today I will introduce five steps to take care of your health that I do every morning so that everyone can start the day happily. I believe that if we start the day with things that are good for body and soul, we will feel energized all day long. Let’s follow these steps:


At night while we sleep, our body would lose the body fluid through urine, skin and breath, that’s why when we wake up we would be dehydrated, so what we should do every morning is that we should drink lukewarm water mixed with lemon juice (or room temperature water) to rehydrate and wake your body up and detox as well as rebalance your digestive system and stimulate the excretory system to get rid of the waste in the body.



Black coffee (without sugar) is another beverage of those who practice yoga or exercise regularly like me. Coffee and from coffee will provoke the metabolic system. Usually, when I do ashtanga yoga which requires a lot of movements, I would drink a little bit of black coffee so my body would be more alert and burn fat better.

Morning yoga


If you have no time or you are in a hurry in the morning, the easy yoga postures will make you feel fresh, comfortable and active in daily life. If you don’t feel like doing exercise, my advise is to create the atmosphere in the practice area, for example you could set up the practice area to be where the morning sunshine to wake up the body and the area should be somewhere open, quiet, clean and have some natural scents to increase the concentration. I choose to use Mango Orchard Aroma diffuser, which has a nice fruity scent so that I would feel more energetic when doing an exercise in the morning.

Morning yoga


When you do yoga practice, your body will be hotter and there will be a lot of sweat because the prana in the body is working continuously. So after you finish practicing yoga you should wait until the body temperature cool down and there’s no more sweat around 30 minutes to an hour, then you can take a shower so that energy that you have built up doing the yoga practice will not disappear and re-enter your body instead. During the shower, I would suggest that you should mix your favorite flower scents and taking a deep breath. Personally, I like the smell of roses so I’d pick Rose de Siam Aroma diffuser to make my body relax.

rose petals


After yoga practice, you should eat healthy protein rich food so that your body can use all the nutrients to fix and build the muscle. Usually, I would eat plant-based protein such as nuts, grains and soy milk which are easy to digest as well as vegetables and fruits. These are enough nutrients for the body to be ready for the day ahead.


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