Today’s society where the competitions are high in almost all aspects of life, everybody probably had experienced being stressed especially those living in a big city. It comes with a hectic lifestyle, pollution, traffic, money and health problems as well as some small problems from those surrounding us. On top of that, there are stresses that come from the news from various mediums. It can be said that our lives are almost surrounded by stress.  So how do we efficiently handle and get rid of stress so that we can live a happy life?  Let’s try some of these 5 natural remedies!

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Spare some time for yourself to take care of your health and body by enrolling in the exercise package near your office or on the way home in order to cut out the travel time which could be discouraging. Working out can temporarily make you forget the stress from the workplace and stimulate happy hormone as well as rejuvenate the body.

Good Food and Sleep

One of the best natural remedies from stress is to nourish your body with good food as well as having enough sleep. Your body will be able to handle the stress better and maybe prevent an illness that comes with it. When you are stress, the body craves carbohydrate, sugar, and food with high in fat more than usual therefore in order to reduce the cravings, perhaps try to pick the carbs that have more fibers such as corn, taro, potatoes instead of sago milk tea.  Eating dark chocolate, fish with lots of omega 3 or avocado in the right amount can also significantly reduce stress as well.

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Positive Thinking

A strong mind can help overcome stress by building confidence and encouraging yourself that “you can do it”, understand a life that nothing is certain, sustainable, and not attach to the past or worry about the future can make you leave behind the stress, gossip from colleagues or boss’ discouraging words. Mindfulness training by meditation can also help contribute to our mental strength and make us more conscious.

Nature Therapy

Take yourself out to a relaxing place close to nature. Set the destination you want to go each year to motivate yourself to work hard, save money and stay healthy to take you to the destination.

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Scents from nature can reduce stress. Urban Wellness Calm Spot Roller contains 100% essential oils from kaffir lime, lemongrass, peppermint and eucalyptus which help you to feel fresh in the morning and clear your mind to be ready for the new day. This aroma spot roller comes with a portable package that is convenient to carry. It can be used easily during the day by just rolling.  Try to roll the spot roller along the pulse points such as wrists, temples and neck then massage gently until the oils absorb to your skin, inhale deeply and just like that, the aroma will completely take your stress away, the best natural remedies ever!

aromatherapy essential oils