We believe that many of you are familiar with the Aroma Oil or Essential Oil that used to create a relax atmosphere that you can buy everywhere in a small bottles. The scents can be herbal, fruity or flower or even mixture of new scents from different mixture of aroma oil. But have you ever wonder or confused about the quality and the price of this type of product as to why they are so different?

It’s so common for general consumers to be confused because these days, even the sellers do not have much knowledge and right understanding about the products. So today I will give easy explanation about the differences between the two products  so that next time you can choose the great quality product that match with the price and your expectation.

First group of product that we would  like  to introduce is the Aromatherapy product,  produce with 100% Essential Oil, Free of Synthetic Fragrances.

Essential Oil the oil extracted from the aromatic plants by distillation with stream (or cold press) with effective therapeutic property on body, brain and emotion because it contains biochemical compound that when it get through the body through the smell, it can penetrate the central nervous system and easy get into the blood system. Each plants species has different therapeutic properties.

Some aromatic plants can turn solar energy into the life source, They have the energy of Yang which can stimulate energy, create liveliness such as the herbs with cold property (Rosemary, Eucalyptas, Peppermint, Spearmint, Camphor) and the citrus group (orange, kaffir lime, lime or lemon ) So when we inhale or rub the essential oil on our body, it will give our body and mind a renew energy. We would feel fresh and happy. At the same time, our bodies will make some adjustment such as the blood flow, hormones and  neurotransmitter.

At the same time, some types of aromatic plants has Yin property. They halp make things soft and relax, such as Lavender, Geranium, Jasmine or Ylangylang. This group of essential oil helps to  heal the stress as well as stimulate the body to rest in order to rebalance the energy and the mind at the same time .

◦ The second group of product is Aroma Oil (Not Aromatherapy oil) which is the product made from the synthetic fragrance. Some aroma oil maybe mixed with essential oil from aromatic plants to improve the emotional healing property and has more natural smell.  This group of product focus on aroma to adjust the mood for user, there are no theraputic property therefore the price is cheaper than the first group of product.

Aroma reed diffuser

Now that you know, next time when you have a chance to purchase these products, we recommend you to read the label carefully, so you will know what the product is made of. If it’s genuine essential oil, there must be Botanical Name of the plants on the label as well, but if there’s no ingredients information on the label, you need to be careful that it maybe of low quality or no standard.

Lastly, use your nose to compare the scents from different source. If your sense of smell is better from the experience, you will know which one is the one for you.

For SabaiArom, we would like to present both products for you to pick according to your liking. You can identify the products by the our labels which have details of the ingredients.  The ones with 100% Essential oil, in addition to the botanical name is clearly labeled in the ingredients, The label “Made with 100% essential oil” is also attached.

Essential Oil and Aroma Oil