Lets make your own Aloe Vera Oil!

Before we start, I’d like to share the reason why we should make our own skincare.  If we compare skincare with the food we eat, the ready-made skincare is like the canned food that had been produced in a large quantity with added chemicals in order to lengthen the shelf life of the products.  Also, they usually have the ingredients that make products more appealing to the consumer but the truth is our skin might not need those. On the other hand, the fresh ingredients, fresh plants have lots of nutrition that we need. More importantly, they have not been destroyed by heat or chemical so our skin can get the full benefit from the nutrition provided. Therefore, we should try to find the time to create our own DIY skincare from fresh ingredients ourselves because the truth is, it’s so easy to do and very affordable.

Today I’d like to introduce the Aloe Vera Oil formula which is so good for all skin type and can be used with every part of the body from head to toe and you can eat it as well. The end result is no different at all to those expensive, ready-made skincare.

Aloe Vera Oil:  Hydrating and healing the skin.

This simple yet special formula has the special property that can pull out amazing value of Aloe Vera to heal your skin, being dry skin, skin lesions or any wrinkles on the skin.  Combined with skin nourishing properties from many types of fatty acid from the coconut oil.


Aloe Vera oil is full of good nutrients that can gently heal the skin so it helps heal the wound, pimples or the burnt skin, it also can heal skin from insect bites, keep the skin moisturized and is suitable for all skin-type even with the sensitive skin. Moreover, it good for the scalps and accelerate hair growth.

aloe vera


1. Soak the finely cut Aloe Vera in coconut oil (or other oil)
2. Put them into a tightly closed container. Even better if the container is opaque.
3. Add in 0.1-0.5% essential oil of choice and add in a little bit of vitamin E
4. Leave it for 4-6 weeks before use

aloe vera oil

How To Use

Aloe Vera Oil can be used as a moisturizer, put on the wound, use as a hair mask and massage oil.

Caution when making DIY Skincare

Cleanliness is the most important thing in using fresh ingredients, otherwise, it can bring unwanted disease to the skin. Simple Precautions are

  • Always use the good quality, clean fresh ingredients.
  • Always use clean utensils as well as pay attention to personal hygiene.

aloe vera