Many people still like the dewy look or the glowing face like Korean women, even though it’s been popular for many years. This is because many of us want our skin to look healthy but mostly it is due to the makeup techniques.  Today, I’d like to introduce an easy DIY face mask to make your face glow.  It’s so easy and very natural without using any artificial makeups at all.

DIY fruit jelly mask

Fruit & Agar Jelly Mask

The agar jelly powder, which made from the mineral and vitamin-rich seaweed that we used to make snacks, apart from being used in food that we eat, it’s also used as medicine and is also an ingredient for expensive cosmetics as well.

For the fruits that we eat, the majority of them have lots of nutritional values like vitamins mineral, enzymes, and various fruits acids to nourish the skin which the readymade products cannot compare. This DIY face mask recipe apart from it is very easy to make, it also has an immediate effect to make your face glow like Korean women after use.


  • Papaya: Rich in Vitamin A and Papain enzyme, it helps clean the dead skin cell and make skin glow and healthy
  • Mango: Rich in Vitamin C and antioxidant, it helps protect skin from pollution.
  • Tamarind: Rich in Vitamin B, C, Enzymes and AHA acid in which AHA helps to get rid of pimples and dead skin cells
  • Banana  (Skin and flesh): Rich in magnesium, Vitamin B6 and B12, It helps with a pimple prone skin and nourishes the skin.
  • Watermelon: The fruit has the cool effect and full of Vitamin A, B1, B6 C, and antioxidant. It helps heal the skin from sun damage, tighten the pore and rejuvenate the skin.
  • Passion Fruit: Reach in Vitamin A C and antioxidant, it keeps the moisture in the skin, protect skin from pollution and rejuvenate the skin.
  • Pineapple: Full of Vitamin C and Bromelain enzyme, it helps the skin being soft and glow.

DIY face mask

How to make the fruit & Agar Jelly Mask

  1. Scoop the small amount jelly powder by the tip of the teaspoon and mixed with a little bit of warm water.
  2. Stir until the powder dissolved and then mixed with the mashed fruits of your choice.  Make sure that the consistency is not too liquidy or too dry.
  3. You can choose any fruits such as papaya, mango, tamarind, watermelon, banana, passion fruit or pineapple (each fruit has a different effect on skin nourishment, therefore you should pick the one that’s suitable for your skin. For sensitive skin, you should avoid any fruits that are high in acids such as tamarind, pineapple or passion fruit.)

DIY face mask

How to apply

Put the DIY face mask that you just made on the clean skin, leave it for 15 minutes to dry and then wash it off with water. You will feel that your skin will be soft and smooth.  When the skin is dry, you will feel that your skin is moist and dewy.

Note: You should use the mask immediately after making it. If there are any leftovers, you can keep it refrigerated and can be used within 2-3 days.

DIY face mask

Caution when you make the Beauty DIY Face Mask

Hygiene is something that you have to consider when you use fresh ingredients otherwise it might bring unwanted germs into your body. What you should do are as follows:

  1. Choose fresh and good quality ingredients.
  2. Make sure your tools are clean and also pay attention to personal hygiene as well
  3. For those with sensitive skin, you should try a small amount of formula on your joint, because even though the fruits used are clean and fresh but you might be allergic to the fruit acid.
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