It started from practicing yoga in the studio 5 years ago to get rid of the fat, as I have a very sweet tooth.  After that I practised more yoga at home and eventually became yoga teacher.  I considered yoga to be more than just an exercise. It is a lifestyle which makes me want to take care of myself more. It is all about taking the soul and the emotion to the next level from being stressful to let go, from being so distracted to be focus. Yoga had changed me from being a party girl to become a new healthy me.


My health had become much better after practicing yoga.  In the past, if someone in the office got a cold, I would catch their cold too, but now I am not easily catching the cold anymore as my immune system is very high and I don’t need any vitamins or supplements, the office syndrome condition also disappeared. (Cow Face Pose helps with the neck and shoulder pain.)


In order for having better health, it doesn’t’t come from just one or two practice but it involved discipline. In the past when I was consider joining the yoga class my brain would order my body to become lazy. Until one day when I feel that yoga is part of my life, I reprogrammed myself by setting the goal of practicing yoga 3 times a week. I consider it a discipline building.  The small discipline from exercising can effect our daily life and working life as well.


More than healthy looking outer appearance is the healthy mind, because when you practice yoga, you need to concentrate on the body movement, breathing in and out, and you have to practice in a quiet room, these things are slowly shaping our mind to become calmer and learn to let go of the problems and stress and handle them better.


Another part how yoga changed my life is I became more concerned with the food I eat and products I use, because I want a sustainable healthy diet and lifestyle.  I believe in the motto of “you are what you eat” the older you get, the more your body function deteriorate.  If you consume good food, the body will be good so I only eat natural products and reduce the consumption of processed food and fatty snacks.

I put a lot of attention to details of the food and the skincare products made from natural ingredients.  As many of you might be looking for New Year’s gifts right now for your family and friends, I’d like to recommend SabaiArom’s  Hand cream mini gift set which comes in to two collections, Flowerful for those who love the sweet scent of flowers or Fresh & Fruity for those who love something fresh.  I’m sure that they are perfect gifts to give to your loved ones who will have healthy glowing skin for the rest of the year.

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