When thinking about summer, things that we often think about are Songkran Festival, Mango Sticky Rice, rice soaked in iced water or Khao Chae,  refreshing cold water with Thai flowers such as jasmine floating in silver bowl. All of them help to nourish the mind and relax when faced with the heat derived from concrete.

The Museum of Floral Culture that holds the charm of Thai flowers.

In order to escape the hot weather in April, there’s one hidden place in Samsen that covered with shady trees with some flowering plants in between, which is refreshing everywhere we look. The Museum of Floral Culture, a beautiful 2-storey colonial style wooden house, established from a vision of Khun Sakul Intakul, a well-known Thai designer and florist who wanted to have a place to keep and collecting the Thai flower arrangement culture and flowers from other Asian countries. Some work pieces are hard to find, some pieces make us intrigued by the arts of Thai flowers arrangement which we might have overlooked. For example, the tradition of flower tree parade in Loei province during songkran in which museum showcase the flower tree.’s imitation.

The upper floor of the house showcases Khun Sakul’s flower design and flower arrangements both in Thailand and abroad. What made us most joyful was to see the blueprint of the flower arrangement of the 60th Anniversary Celebration of King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s assession to the throne where Khun Sakul had an opportunity to take care of flower arrangement in all of the throne halls as well as the royal dining table.








































After getting to know more about the museum and fully appreciated the exhibition, we walked down to look around the house, the terrace and the garden that was arranged as a rest area for visitors to appreciate the trees and flowers as well as having some tea and desserts and buying some souvenirs. We ordered a Thai dessert set served in a golden tray with pedestal which really matched with the atmosphere followed by drinking Jasmine tea to cut out the sweetness of the dessert.  Personally I am specially attached to the jasmine flowers and fragrance because at home, we have a small jasmine garden, the large flower, my mom would collect them and offer to the buddha’s statue, and the flowers that bloom, she would put them in drinking water, which is very refreshing.

Jasmine,  Thai flower that has been with Thai people for a long time

Jasmine is a thai flower that is well known for it’s fragrance, apart from the cool refreshing fragrance, surprisingly, jasmine’s scent also help release tension and stress. Jasmine’s pure white colour has been compared to nobility and goodness, therefore suitable to be used to pay respect to well respected people and also popularly used in important ceremonies in Thailand such as making garlands from jasmine to offer to the monks, or use  to offer to the elders in the Songkran ceremony. Jasmine also is a symbolic flower for Mother’s day to represent eternal and pour love just like the fragrance of jasmine.  Therefore it is the inspiration for Sabai-Arom’s Jasmine Ritual collection which consists of hand cream, body cream, nourishing oil and shower gel. When using the product, we can smell the fragrance of Malila which is a special type of jasmine that has a very pleasant smell. With ingredients that emphasise on moisturising the skin as well as contain more than 95% natural ingredients, you can be confident that the products will keep your skin moisturised whether you suffer from dry hands or dry skin or crack heels and it will definitely not cause allergic reaction.