There are so many reasons for dry hands, maybe from being in the air-conditioning rooms for too long or being expose to chemicals, which can make the skin loose the moisture.

These factors also destroy the outer layer of skin that considered the armor protecting the skin from irritation of the skin resulting in the lack of moisture on the hands, the nails become brittle and easy to break.  We would like to give the following tips that are easy on your wallet to take care of your dry hands and nails.

  1. Wear rubber gloves when you are doing house work, the detergents from washing detergents can irritate your skin causing the skin to break out. Some people might have severe reaction to the detergent causing the skin to be itchy or irritated.  After you are finished with the chores, and take the gloves off, you should wash your hands and moisturized them with products from national ingredients as the rubber gloves can also cause irritation as well.
  2. Those who work in the air-conditioning environment or who works in the field that requires frequent hand wash for hygiene reason should moisturize your hands often during the day. Using the scent that you like can reduce stress during the day as well. If your hands are very dry, try to moisturize your hands over night by squeeze the hand cream on the back of your hands and gently rub all over including the nails in order for your dry hands to be nice and soft again.
  3. Making your own scrubs from what you already have in the kitchen such as salt and olive oil by mixing one cup of salt with 1/4 cup of olive oil together and scoop the mixture up and scrub all over your hands to get rid of the dead skin cells.  Wash your hands thoroughly and pat dry. Perhaps you can repeat this twice a week for silky smooth hands.
  4. Choosing the rightHand Cream
  • Has more than 90% natural ingredients by looking at the label.  Coconut oil, Almond oils or the rose essential oil apart from moisturized  the skin but also have great natural aromatherapy scents with no chemical or artificial scents.
  • No ingredients that caused irritation such as Paraben, Mineral oil and SLS/SLES
  • The right size for carry around in your purse, which enable you to be able to use it any time and anywhere.

    We’d like to introduce the new formular of Sabai Arom’s Hand cream that comes in a small size with 10 scents. They are perfect for protecting and moisturizing your dry hands and nails with our signature scents from various fruits and flowers. When using hand cream,  make sure you rub on your nails as well for the healthy glowing looking hands and nails.