In the rainy season like this, many people might avoid coming to the sea and wait until Summer or the start of winter to go, but who would believe that “we can travel to the Thai beaches in every season” despite the distance from Bangkok, the beauty of the islands or the thrill of underwater world are pretty closed everywhere.  Today I would like to introduce 5 best beaches and dive sites starting from the closest to Bangkok.  Before you travel, you should check the weather forecast and prepare for a smooth journey so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.  One thing I never forget to pack for the trips to the beach is sunscreen and Aloe Vera gel which helps sooth the skin after being in the sun for a long time. Now, pack your bags and let’s go!

Pattaya: U Pattaya

With the location next to Bang Sarae beach which is cleaner and more serene than Pattaya beach which we are more familiar with. This hotel has a pool that connects to the skyline and has lots of places for beautiful photos. It is within 2-hour drive from Bangkok. The selling point that I really like is that you can check out at the same timing that you checking.  So you can use the room fully 24 hours.  The design and interior of the hotel are based on fisherman way of life using natural materials such as bamboo, linen with additional details with cute items in various areas of the hotel such as luggage, compass, floating basket which give the hotel a relaxing atmosphere.

ศุกรวรรณ ชินวรวัฒนา

Rayong: Koh Man Nok

It takes 3 hours from Bangkok to reach a private pier of the only hotel on this island, (Munnork Private Island By Epikurean Lifestyle) The boats leaves at 13.00 hr every day and it takes 45 minutes to arrive the island. I would advise that you should come on the weekday because it’s less crowded, very quiet, very private, as well as bring some good books to read by the Sala by the sea which surrounded by beautiful peacocks and you could order the coconut smoothies to drink and you wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.  Here I like to sunbathe and do the outdoor activities which there are many to choose from like Kayaking or snorkeling.  After doing so many outdoor activities I would never forget to put on the Aloe Vera gel to sooth my sunburnt skin then wait for a beautiful sunset or walk around the island to take photos. There are so many places that are so picturesque here on the island.


Pranburi: Aleenta

If Hua Hin is the city, Pranburi is like a quiet suburb, it takes 4-5 hours to find the nature that is still fresh.  Each hotel has a distance between each other. In addition to the serene beaches, there are no shops or beach chairs are densely packed, another attraction that attracts us to Pranburi is the beauty of Phraya Nakhon Cave, only 1-hour drive from the hotel. It was the end of September when it still rained that we came here which makes the air inside the cave nice and cool. There were cool breezes flowing, the rainwater on the tree and leafy green leaves. It’s so fresh you could smell fragrant of the soil after the rain. Before coming back to Bangkok, there’s one checkpoint which is Pranburi Forest Park.  You can enjoy the natural route of mangroves forest and the green field without using the drone you can still see the area from the high point as there’s a tower built for tourists to see the nature around the area.


One of the bucket lists for many people especially divers would be meeting the whale shark. Despite the name, it’s not fierce at all. In fact, it’s quite friendly. During the month of May until June this year, the Choomporn Sea is much more abundance until it attracted so many whale shark into the area. However, to visit the underwater world, you must treat the creature well and observe them from the distance. Do not approach them or dive too closely. If we are lucky enough, they will come to us.

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Phuket: North Andaman

It takes me 1 hour by plane to Phuket, and a little drive further to the pier in order to board the live board where I spend 7 days on the boat. Here the sea is crystal clear and full of colorful corals just like beautiful paintings. The colorful fish big and small which makes the world under the sea comes alive.

diving thailand

Where ever you choose to go, the most exciting thing is to pack your luggage, it’s the happiness for someone who’s about to go on vacation. Every time you pack to go somewhere things you choose to put in the luggage would be different because it depends on the weather and the place we are going at the time.

One thing that you need to bring with you when vacation on the beach is a beautiful bathing suit whether it’s a one piece of bikinis it’s up to you to decide. Also a large sarong for sunbathing or to wrap on top of your favorite bikinis.  Don’t forget a large hat, sunglasses, and flipflops. Other important things that I would bring to the beach are sunscreens which I would put on before going into the sun and the Aloe Vera gel for after sun treatment in order to hydrate my skin. Now you are ready to go and have fun on the beach!

Let’s get packing!

Diving Thailand

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