NO.3 Clear Mind 100% PURE Essential Oil Blend 10 ml.

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Clear Mind sets blend with the front row of tension-withdrawn Rosemary coupled with deep relaxing Lavender and accumulated positivity of Bergamot and Lemon undertones. It is a light-headed blend that reflects a picture of heart-awrming room filled with tender light and linen curtains fluttering upon the wind, as mild sunlight penetrates gently to touch every inches.

The blends is crafted to help you dilute thinking blockage and foster creative and sharp mind so that you can bring out the fullest potentials of being who you are.

Scent : A herbal gladness of Rosemary coupled with cooling delight of Peppermint, liveliness of Bergamot and Lemon and laid-back Lavender like a promenade in a herbal garden during winter, making you feel relaxed and freely cool.

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  • Rosemary — helps stay focus on the task.
  • Bergamot—helps calm nervous tension.
  • Peppermint — help promote mental clarity.
  • Lemon — help clear up heavy head.
  • Lavender — help calm swing moods.
Methods of Use

Methods of Use

  • Inhale directly from the bottle or place 3-5 drops on a tissue or a cotton ball and take a deep breath.
  • Dilute your essential oil with carrier oil before topical application.
    See dilution ratio inside the box.
  • Add 5-10 drops or more to diffusing devices.
  • Add 10-20 essential drops into water of 100ml spray bottle.
  • Add 5-10 essential oil drops to warm bath water.


  • Possible skin sensitivity. Should be tested by applying slightly on the fordable joint of the arm first.
  • Avoid contact with eyes, inner eyes, and sensitive areas.
  • Pregnant and breast feeding woman should consult doctor before use.
  • Avoid using essential oils on children under 5 years old.
  • Avoid using essential oils of hyssop, rosemary, sage and thyme in high blood pressure patients.
  • Avoid using essential oils of Black pepper, Camphor, Eucalyptus and Peppermint in patients of Homeopathic.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

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